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How to replace a string at specific line number in a text file?

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%%.text file contain%%%
In this
part a
method for
to fixed‐point
%%%new .text file contain%%
In this
part a
method for
/////newly added string///
to fixed‐point
how to replace the string at specific line number?
Rik on 31 Jan 2020
Adding the names of frequent contributors as tags only proves you have seen several questions, which means you should know how to write a complete question. It generally does not attract actual attention.

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Answers (1)

Andrew Janke
Andrew Janke on 31 Jan 2020
Try this:
  • Read in the whole text file
  • Split it on \r?\n to break it in to lines
  • Now you have an array of lines, so you can edit line(i) to modify just the i-th line
  • Use strrep or regexprep to modify the contents of that line
  • Use strjoin() to join all the lines back together into a single string
  • Write that string out to your new file


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