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T-wave on ECG

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Andreea Dobre
Andreea Dobre on 9 Jan 2020
Answered: Ridwan Alam on 9 Jan 2020
Hello everybody!
Basically, I have a noisy ECG and i filtered it, i applied the wavelet transform and the next step is to do this:
Does anyone have any idea how to implement it?
Thank you!
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Meg Noah
Meg Noah on 9 Jan 2020
Please share the data so we can test our scripts.

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Answers (1)

Ridwan Alam
Ridwan Alam on 9 Jan 2020
If I understood right what you are asking, you need to find the peaks for P,Q,R,S, and T using findpeaks().
And then calculate CAR from those peak locations.
If you get struck at any point, please look up avaialble examples online, and feel free to post specific questions. Good luck.


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