seqpdist Kimura "method not available for amino acids" even though working with nucleotides

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Hi, I am trying to use the seqpdist function in matlab (Matlab R2019a, academic license) to compute the pairwise distance between two sequences, with the Kimura method, however, I get the following error even though I am working with nucleotides, not amino acids:
Error using seqpdist (line 335)
Distance method not available for amino acids.
below a 2-line MWE:
ex = {'aagt', 'aatg'}
seqpdist(ex, 'Method', 'Kimura')
Error using seqpdist (line 335)
Distance method not available for amino acids.
I also tried with
ex = {'ACGT', 'AATG'}
ex = ['ACGT', 'AATG']
And got the same error. Can someone explain?
Thanks in Advance!
Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 9 Jan 2020
Yeah, I don't have this toolbox so was the documentation as a guide as to what parameters can be passed in. For your other error, score is the default algorithm (?) for to treat sites with gaps. Alternative aglorithms are pairwise-del and complete-del can be used as
seqpdist(ex, 'Method', 'Kimura', 'Alphabet', 'NT', 'Indels', 'pairwise-del')
Though I don't know which (if any) is appropriate for Kimura.

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Accepted Answer

Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 10 Jan 2020
As Geoff points out in the comments, the problem is that several of the default option values don't work for the Kimura distance method. By default, seqpdist assumes that you're using amino acids and that indels are scored. I confirmed that the following works for your example:
ex = {'aagt', 'aatg'};
seqpdist(ex, 'Method', 'Kimura', 'Alphabet', 'nt', 'Indels', 'complete-del')

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