plot vector using complex numbers

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chirag rohit
chirag rohit on 5 Jan 2020
Answered: Fabio Freschi on 5 Jan 2020
I have array or matrix of complex numbers like this;
I want connect each point of abow matrix with 0+0i using line arrow (vector). Arrow starts form 0+0i and ends at -3+4i. Again in same plot, second arrow start from 0+0i and ends at -2+5i. Likewise i want to connet each number of above matrix with 0+0i using vector arrow with same color.
Right now i am using this code to plot. But it is taking long time to write this. Every time i have to saperate real and imaginary part and plot each vector individually.
p0=[0 0];
p1=[-3 4];
p2=[-2 5];
p3=[1 3]
p4=[6 2];
p5=[-1 -8]
vectarrow(p0,p1);hold on;
vectarrow(p0,p2);hold on;
vectarrow(p0,p3);hold on;
vectarrow(p0,p4);hold on;
vectarrow(p0,p5);hold off

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Fabio Freschi
Fabio Freschi on 5 Jan 2020
You can use compass or quiver
% your matrix
A = [-3+4i;-2+5i;1+3i;6+2i;-1-8i];
% with compass
% with quiver
axis equal

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