Simulink Project ignore files and folders

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Andreas on 3 Jan 2020
Commented: Christian on 17 Mar 2021
I'm using Simulink Project in R2017b to organize my project.
Within the project folder, I have some files which should not be part of the project for different reasons:
  • some are temporary files e.g. slprj-folder, which are already ignored by means of .gitignore
  • some are files, which are typically edited or created outside of matlab (e.g. process descriptions), they are part of source control, but should be ignored by matlab
How can I get Simulink Project to ignore both kind of files / folders.

Answers (1)

Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 4 Jan 2020
right mouse click on the file/folder and select "Remove from Project"
Christian on 17 Mar 2021
+1 on this topic. We have a project with mex-files, but the source code is managed via Visual Studio. We don't want to include all the VS files in the Simulink project but we also don't want to deal with the permanent error messages. Is there any simple workaround?

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