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Is the Symbolic Toolbox required to evaluate ODE's?

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Baruch Siles
Baruch Siles on 2 Jan 2020
Edited: Baruch Siles on 11 Jan 2020
I read that the PDE Toolbox is required for PDE's; is the Symbolic Math Toolbox required for ODE's, both linear and nonlinear?


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Pujitha Narra
Pujitha Narra on 7 Jan 2020
Symbolic Math Toolbox would be of great help to solve ODEs although you can use some functions like ode45 and ode15s from MATLAB itself to solve them.


Baruch Siles
Baruch Siles on 11 Jan 2020
The choices of ODE solvers has grown since I last used Matlab, Ver 4. One thing I don't understand, and hope you can help me understand is the difference between stiff and non-stiff ODE's. Thank you.

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