how to design a PI controller to control the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse ?

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Luu Vodinh
Luu Vodinh on 2 Jan 2020
Answered: Siddharth Jawahar on 17 Nov 2020
Làm thế nào để thiết kế bộ điều khiển PI để kiểm soát nhiệt độ và độ ẩm của nhà kính?

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Siddharth Jawahar
Siddharth Jawahar on 17 Nov 2020
Hi Luu,
It would be good to start with the MATLAB documentation to see how you can use PID controllers in general and then look to implement the system you have in mind. FIle exchnage is also a good plance for you look at submissions from other users that can aid your work.




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