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Microarray Analysis Trouble in Analysis

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Babajan Banaganapalli
Babajan Banaganapalli on 30 Dec 2019
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Very Dificult follow the Microarray Analysis tutorial.
I treid to follow, tutorials of Micoarray Analysis
it went smoothly upto Data import and processing, .. But in Expression anlaysis i am not able to generate the file DataMatrix objects. I feel there are some commonds are missing in Processing..
If any one had idea please help on this.
Babajan Banaganapalli
Babajan Banaganapalli on 2 Jan 2020
Edited: Babajan Banaganapalli on 2 Jan 2020
Thank you so much for you replay.
Here the steps I DID
Step 1: (Preprocessing Affymetrix® Microarray Data at the Probe Level)
I have .CEL files, I Uploaded and process them using the below example
I successfully generate the all the files in above example
Step: 2 (Exploring Microarray Gene Expression Data)
Struck this step, I don’t know how to generate MAT file expression containing three DataMatrix objects (expr_rma, rma_mle, gcrma_eb) associated with the gene expression values.
Please let me know, how I can generate DATA matrix object, to process further in the analysis.
Thank You

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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 2 Jan 2020
Let me make sure I understand your problem. You are trying to run the following example:
However, you do not know how to create the DataMatrix objects.
If you just want to run the example as written, you don't need to construct your own DataMatrix objects. You can just load them from the example file by running the command load cnsexpressiondata. But I assume you want to modify the example by using your own data, and so you'd like to put that data in DataMatrix objects. If that's your goal, then I recommend exploring the following example to see if it teaches you how to create your own DataMatrix objects:

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