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Simulink Real-time target PC ‘black screen’ problem

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I'm struggling with Simulink Real-time not working on target PCs (ADL120s). I have confirmed that Simulink Real-time works successfully on other common desktop PCs.
A black screen appears during network booting and USB booting, and nothing happens.
We want to mount the Simulink Real-Time system in a small robot. Unfortunately, SpeedGoat's hardware is so heavy that it's impossible to mount it on a robot. Therefore, I decided to use embedded PC ADL120s. The ADL120s are lightweight industrial embedded PCs capable of EtherCAT communication with an Intel i210 controller (with i219-LM). Detailed specification of PC is as follows.
Specification of ADL120s 2018.pdf
The methods I have tried
1.I've enabled the PXE and the UEFI network stack option on the BIOS of the target pc (ADL120s)
2. I tried USB boot, Ethernet boot, and various options that can be set (USB support, Multicore, etc…).
3. Try with various versions of Matlab (Matlab R2014b ~ R2019b)
4. I did all of the above with two or more development PCs.
5. Verify that it works successfully when you apply the above method to a general desktop PC.
I want to solve this problem quickly.
If there is a problem with the hardware configuration of the target PC, can you give a guide to the selection of the target PC running Simulink Real-time?
(As mentioned above, the SpeedGoat hardware is heavy and impossible to use.)
Can anyone recommend an embedded PC or Mini-itx motherboard with more than I7 6th generation computing power?

Answers (1)

Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli on 3 Jan 2020
Speedgoat is introducing a new small form factor and light-weight target machine, please reach out to the Speedgoat sales team for further information.




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