Digital signal processing LINEAR AND CIRCULAR CONVOLUTION length-N sequences error

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Here is my code for --- Write a program to compute the circular convolution of two length-N
sequences via the DFT-based approach.
clc; clear all; close all;
x =[2+j3 3-1j -1+j2 j3 2+j4];
h =[-3-j2 1+j4 1+j2 5+j3 1+j2];
y = conv(x,h);
ylabel( 'AMPLITUDE');
xlabel('First Sequence');
ylabel( 'AMPLITUDE');xlabel('Second Sequence') ;
ylabel( 'AMPLITUDE');xlabe1('Output Sequence');
disp( 'The Resultant Signal is: ');y
Here i am getting error stating
Error in (line 3) x =[2+j3 3-1j -1+j2 j3 2+j4]
can someone help me as i am not sure if there somthing wrong this ''x =[2+j3 3-1j -1+j2 j3 2+j4''
I have been trying this sequnce with varies of other codes and method but still getting same error..

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Ridwan Alam
Ridwan Alam on 23 Dec 2019

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