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loading data and creating a dot.mat file from scratch

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Happy Holidays All me again at the blocks,
I am trying to load data which i've collected of various types of guns, I have some stored in one folder called Frcnn and then two subfolders name TrainingSet & the rest in ValidationSet of equal data files.
in order to load this data properley, I have to create a **dot.Mat** file with various tables of the properties of the collected data.
My Question!:
How do I create this dot.mat file and what type of details am I to put into the columns?
Is the details placed into these columns automatically or am I to type in the name of each file one by one?
How is this done?
I am not sure of this process and i have been googling for some time now to aliviate this challenge but it's evading me!
Can someone, a more experience professional assist please?
Thank you in advance for acknowledging these problems I seem to conjure up from mars!
My Code, I am not sure where to get the data for the following!!
Help Please!
%imsize = size(TrainingSet);
gunfolder = '/Users/mmgp/Documents/MATLAB/FastRCNN/FrcnnGun/TrainingSet';
fname = dir(fullfile(gunfolder, '*.jpg'))
total_images = numel(fname)
Trs = fname;
save Fastracnn Trs
%% Accessing Content of Folder TrainingSet Using Datastore
imds = imageDatastore('Fastracnn.mat','IncludeSubFolders',0,'LabelSource','Foldernames')
Error using imageDatastore (line 125)
Input folders or files contain non-standard file extensions.
Use FileExtensions Name-Value pair to include the non-standard file extensions.
Error in newfrcnn (line 141)
imds = imageDatastore('Fastracnn.mat','IncludeSubFolders',0,'LabelSource','Foldernames')

Answers (1)

Bhargavi Maganuru
Bhargavi Maganuru on 24 Dec 2019
Error is because, .mat file is given as input to the imageDatastore, but it accepts only location of the data. You can directly give the address of image folder.
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Matpar on 14 Jan 2020
Hi @ Bhargavi Maganuru, sorry for the tardiness, been reviewing my doumentation.
Can you demonstrate by example of your solution please? so that i can be clear on the process it's still challenging formulating the picture of implementing your solution.
Ohh happy new year to you and yours by the way and thank you very much for acknowledging my digital presence

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