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Scaling incident power in planeWaveExcitation function

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The Antenna Toolbox provides the 'planeWaveExcitation' function. This is used to solve the scattering problem associated with a receive antenna. I would like to know how to set or scale the plane wave incident power on the antenna? The Object Function 'feedCurrent' must assume a 'normalized' plane wave incident power. So for example, if I want to calculate the feed current for a received incident power of 1uW, what shoud I scale?
h = planeWaveExcitation;
cur = feedCurrent(h, 70e6) % How to scale this to get result for a specific incident power?

Accepted Answer

Shashwat Bajpai
Shashwat Bajpai on 18 Dec 2019
The Polarization property of the planeWaveExcitation function can be used to set the incident wave's magnitude in the units of V/m. For an incident wave power of 1uW the calculation has to be done to convert it to V/m and then specify it in the Polarization property.
h = planeWaveExcitaion('Polarization',[0.02 0.02 0.02]);
cur = feedCurrent(h,75e6);
Hope this helps!

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Syed Saleem
Syed Saleem on 5 Jan 2020


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