How can I import excel datas to manage the Simulink blocks parameters

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I have a Simulink model which contains nearly 100 blocks. Each of the blocks have "Amplitude" parameter. I want to choose all of the Amplitude parameters with importing data from an Excel sheet. For example;
Block 1; Amplitude= 25
Block 2; Amplitude= 21
Block 3; Amplitude= 26
Block 100; Amplitude= 17
I thought a solution like this:
Block 1; Amplitude= a1
Block 2; Amplitude= a2
Block 3; Amplitude= a3
Block 100; Amplitude= a100
These a1,a2,...,a100 parameters can be imported from MATLAB Workspace, which are created from Excel sheet, but I hope there is more easy way to do this. Thanks.

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Shashwat Bajpai
Shashwat Bajpai on 16 Dec 2019
There are two ways in which you can import excel data and use it in Simulink
  1. Use the importdata function and create an array (say ‘A’) of all the values imported and then change the variable name in each block to A(1), A(2),…….A(100).
  2. Use the MATLAB fcn blockin Simulink import the data using the importdata function and generate 100 outputs from that block or create a bus for the same and provide the input to the desired blocks.
Hope this helps!

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