Temperature control with inertia

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Julian Cox
Julian Cox on 12 Dec 2019
Answered: Siddharth Jawahar on 26 Oct 2020
I am trying to model a control system for a heater that heats a container full of a liquid. When the set point is reached the heater switches off, but, due to heat stored in the heating element , the temperature continues to rise for approximately 15 degs. Similarly when the temperature falls below the set point the heater switches on, but the temperature falls for another 15 degs. I intend to control the power of the heater using PWM but I cannot design the PID controller until I have a model of the heater/container.

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Siddharth Jawahar
Siddharth Jawahar on 26 Oct 2020
Hi Julian,
If you do not have a good understanding or a prespective of the system dynamics to model it in Simulink, you can use system identification techniques to estimate a plant and then tune the PID controller using that plant model. We have good resources which talks about your same exact question of tuning a PID controller when a plant model is not available. Please take a read of this article below or watch the video:

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