Close a web browser from script

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Seth Cottengim
Seth Cottengim on 7 Dec 2019
Answered: Kritika Bansal on 16 Jan 2020
I'm doing a project where I open a broswer (default browser is chrome) from matlab using...
url = '';
That opens Chrome and now if I want to close the browser how would I do that.
For my project I'm opening a different page and pulling data from it but I need to open 60 variations of that page, so I'm looking for a way to not have 60 websites up when the program has finished running. Thank you for the help!!

Answers (1)

Kritika Bansal
Kritika Bansal on 16 Jan 2020
You can do that by using the following command in MATLAB
!taskkill -f -im chrome.exe


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