cannot access national instruments hardware

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otto peter
otto peter on 22 Nov 2019
Commented: otto peter on 29 Nov 2019
Matlab 1018a and Matlab 1019a installed (both needed due to danger of your legendary version incompatibilities), both with DAQ Toolbox
NI-DAQmx drivers 17.1.1
Matlab 1010a: daq.getDevices() lists my 2 NI cards
Matlab 1019a: daq.getDevices() throws "... unable to detect NI hardware ..."
clicking the Addon Explorer Link in the error message, then "manage": Data Acquisition Toolbox for National Instruments NI-DAQmx Devices version 19.1.0 Install Date 22 November 2019
Why cannot I detect NI drivers and hardware in 2019a? How do I change that?

Answers (1)

Kaashyap Pappu
Kaashyap Pappu on 27 Nov 2019
A few troubleshooting tips are documented here.Try a few of the steps provided to see if it works out. You can also try to reinstall the support package as there are chances of the installer corrupting during download.
Hope this helps!




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