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How to name row in uitable.

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han han
han han on 18 Nov 2019
Answered: Cameron B on 16 Dec 2019
As shown in the figure, for example, when the number of data lines I input is equal to 5 (greater than 4), I hope that the number of lines of uitable can be "BS 5".
How do you make the line name change with the amount of data?


Ankit on 18 Nov 2019
are you using guide or app designer for your application?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Nov 2019
If you know the 5 ahead of time, then you set the contents of that part of the Data as appropriate.
If you know the 5 ahead of time, but the row item should not appear until you enter a value in one of the numeric locations, then you can use a CellEditCallback to figure out where was edited in order to know where to put the names.

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Answers (1)

Cameron B
Cameron B on 16 Dec 2019
uit = uitable(uifigure,'Data',rand(10,3),'ColumnEditable',[false true true])
rows = size(uit.Data,1);
ss = strcat('BS',string(1:rows));
uit.RowName = ss;


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