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Error using icdevice: Failed to load shared library

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Charlie Berry
Charlie Berry on 14 Nov 2019
Edited: Charlie Berry on 14 Nov 2019
Hi all,
I have written a GUI in MATLAB which requires compiling so that it can be installed on a PC and run using the MATLAB MCR.
The GUI has been written in MATLAB 2018a, and compiles with no errors. The MATLAB compiler version I am using is version 6.6. I have also tried to install MATLAB Support for MinGW-w64 C/C++ Compiler (version 18.1.0).
Once I have copied this to the target PC (Windows 10) and try to run the executable, I receive the error:
'Error using icdevice - Failed to load shared library.'
I have determined that the line of code within my GUI that is causing this error is:
NA = icdevice('na_driver.mdd', naAddress);
I have included the 'Ag_driver.mdd' file within the 'Files required for your application to run' section of the MATLAB compiler, however this still does not appear to resolve this issue.
The instrument being used is an Agilent P9370A network analyser. I have also installed this MATLAB driver.
Do I need to make a call to another library, or am I compiling this incorrectly?
Many thanks in advance!


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