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Simulink model reference control neural network

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Gagas Prajamukti Harianto
Gagas Prajamukti Harianto on 14 Nov 2019
Commented: Hasan Falah on 25 Feb 2021
I have problem about the simulink model reference control. In plant identification i browse simulink model and i generate training, but error "you must enter a valid filename for your simulink plant model" and in the reference control is same error. Please help me
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yue yu
yue yu on 27 Jan 2021
If you open the simulink model in MATLAB, no error will be reported.
I have another problem: if I change Plant Identificatin's “No.Delayed Plant inputs” or “No.Delayed Plant outputs” and finished the train of identifier and controller and then run the whole model, simulink will report two errors
"Invalid dimensions specified for input port 1 in 'mrefrobotarm/Model Reference Controller/NN Plant/Matrix Gain'. The gain specified has dimensions [10x3], while the input is being set to have the dimensions [2]. These dimensions are not suitable for generating the matrix product of the gain with the input signal "
"Error in port widths or dimensions. Output port 1 of 'mrefrobotarm/Model Reference Controller/NN Plant/Mux2' is a one dimensional vector with 2 elements."
Have you ever encountered similar problems? Do you have any suggestions.

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sripradha iyengar
sripradha iyengar on 6 Dec 2019
I was getiing the same error too. If you save your file in matlab's default folder it won't happen. This is what I did.
Run matlab as administrator by default to store your file in matlab's default folder. (I had to do this because my default folder is in C drive)
type matlab in search window -> Open Location->right click->properties->Shortcut->Advanced-> Check run as administrator
type ballrepel0 in your command window. File->Save as. The location of the default folder is displayed here( There's probably an easier way to do this, but... I'm pretty new.. so this is what I did.)
Copy this location.
Now, save your file in this location.
I didn't get that error after doing this!
Good Luck!:)
Hasan Falah
Hasan Falah on 25 Feb 2021
I tried same procedure as mentioned above, but it does not work.
could you please explain more details about that issue

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