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Simulink model reference control neural network

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Gagas Prajamukti Harianto
Gagas Prajamukti Harianto on 14 Nov 2019
I have problem about the simulink model reference control. In plant identification i browse simulink model and i generate training, but error "you must enter a valid filename for your simulink plant model" and in the reference control is same error. Please help me


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sripradha iyengar
sripradha iyengar on 6 Dec 2019
I was getiing the same error too. If you save your file in matlab's default folder it won't happen. This is what I did.
Run matlab as administrator by default to store your file in matlab's default folder. (I had to do this because my default folder is in C drive)
type matlab in search window -> Open Location->right click->properties->Shortcut->Advanced-> Check run as administrator
type ballrepel0 in your command window. File->Save as. The location of the default folder is displayed here( There's probably an easier way to do this, but... I'm pretty new.. so this is what I did.)
Copy this location.
Now, save your file in this location.
I didn't get that error after doing this!
Good Luck!:)