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Satya Gopal
Satya Gopal on 12 Nov 2019
Commented: Satya Gopal on 13 Nov 2019
Hi all,
I have a doubt with regards to mscohere function output in matlab. I have 64 channel EEG data to extract coherence data for. Which means I would need a 64x64 matrix output for a particular frequency band say 8 to 13 Hz. I went through the documentation of mscohere function sveral times. One thing that I saw was that mscohere Cxy part can either be a vector, matrix or 3-D array. When I use the following code to calculate coherence between just two channels, channel 20 and channel 50, I get a 501×1 single column vector:
ch1 = 20;
ch2 = 50;
window = 2*EEG.srate; % create 2 sec epochs
noverlap = 0; % overlap
nfft = window*2; % zero-padding factor 2 for smoothing
fs = EEG.srate;
[Cxy,F] = mscohere(EEG.data(ch1,:),EEG.data(ch2,:),window,noverlap,nfft,fs);
Cxy =
501×1 single column vector
0.0047 % I copied the first few values only to show the output I am getting
Can someone explain this output to me? Are these coherence values between two channels at 501 different frequency points (I'm just guessing. Not sure!)? Also, how do I input the frequency band of my interest like 8-13 Hz and calculate coherence just for that? Are there more steps in calculating coherence in matlab? How do I get a single value (between 0 to 1) for channel 20 x channel 50 coherence for 8-13 Hz frequency band?
I hope my question makes sense. Please let me know if I need to explain anything further.

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Daniel M
Daniel M on 12 Nov 2019
Yes, these are the coherence values between the two channels at the frequencies returned in F. You can manually set the frequencies that you wish, for example F = [8:0.5:13]. The help section indicates this.
% [Cxy,F] = MSCOHERE(X,Y,WINDOW,NOVERLAP,F,Fs) computes the coherence
% estimate at the physical frequencies contained in the vector F. F must
% be expressed in hertz and have at least two elements.
Then you can average the output to get the total coherence over that band.
Satya Gopal
Satya Gopal on 13 Nov 2019
Thanks again, Daniel! That makes sense! I really appreciate your effort in explaining things.

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