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I have a problem with capturing the plot in the gui and exporting it to the png. I tried already saveas, export_fig and getframe, but still I am not getting that what I want. Basically I am creating the graph, which can be then modified with the use of displayed tools. And at the end I want to save only the plot in good quality with the "Save plot" button , that would simly screenshot or save the plot with all modifications. It is worth to mention that when I am using previously mentioned fuctions it is saving the screenshot of the whole gui, not just plot. I already checked internet to get the answer, but still my problem is not resolved.

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Ankit on 12 Nov 2019
Hi Adam,
In the below example, first you need to copy the UIAxes to the temporary figure. And then you can save it as *.png.
function saveplot_Callback(app, event)
% Create a temporary figure with axes.
fig = figure;
figAxes = axes(fig);
% Copy children (lines).
copyobj(app.UIAxes.Children, figAxes);
% Copy titles and labels. You can modify this based on your requirement.
copyobj([app.UIAxes.XLabel app.UIAxes.YLabel app.UIAxes.Title], figAxes);
% Save as *.png file.
saveas(fig, 'myFigure.png');

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