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3D Measurementm using matlab

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Raghav Jethliya
Raghav Jethliya on 4 Nov 2019
Answered: Richard Brown on 7 Nov 2019
i just faced a project in which i need to do 3D Meaurement in image using Matlab , can anyone help ??
Thanks .
darova on 4 Nov 2019
What kind of measurement? Can you explain more?
Raghav Jethliya
Raghav Jethliya on 7 Nov 2019
Measurement in 3D like take a picture of checkerboard by fisheye camera and than calculate the height and width of every checkbox and prove that all are of same size by showing the dimesion of every checkbox.
Thanks in advance

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Answers (1)

Richard Brown
Richard Brown on 7 Nov 2019
You could try the computer vision toolbox, which has an interface to OpenCV I believe.
Writing the whole thing from scratch is a reasonable amount of work that will require you to know some theory first. "Multiple View Geometry" by Zisserman and Hartley is a good reference, as is "An Invitation to 3D Vision" by Ma, Soatto et al.

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