Editing y limits for multiple axes using property inspector

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I am generating plots with dual y-axes (using yyaxis left/right).
ax=gca; ax.YAxis(1).Limits=[0 10]
or .YAxis(2). I can set both y axes limits individually.
When using the property inspector I did find only values for one of the y limits (see screenshot).
Is there a way to edit both y limits using the property inspector?

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Ajay Pattassery
Ajay Pattassery on 30 Oct 2019
The properties of both the axes can be edited by using the property inspector.
If the right axes property needs to be edited, first click on the right axes on the figure window and then change the required property in the property explorer window.
Similarly for editing the left axes property, first click on the left axes and then edit the corresponding property.
Click on Desktop > Property Editor
A new palette will open on the bottom of the figure where you can select left or right under Y-Axis and can change the required properties. (sample image attached)
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Gerrit Mielke
Gerrit Mielke on 4 Nov 2019
Thank you.
Stangely enough, editing both axes using the property inspector on my system works for some figures and for some others it does not. I don't know why.
Your atlernative seems to work better for me.

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