Sawtooth Waveform With Variable Frequency and constant amplitude

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How can I create a sawtooth wave with external inputs such as constant amplitude (2*Pi) and variable frequency in simulink?

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ABHILASH SINGH on 21 Oct 2019
T = 10*(1/50);
fs = 1000;
t = 0:1/fs:T-1/fs;
x = a*sawtooth(2*pi*50*t,1/2);
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Ranjit Kumar Chennamchetty
Can you make simulink customized block for this code.
Basicaaly I want to generate the sawtooth using functional blocks in simulink with variable freqeuncy using delay and mod function. By not using waveform generator**** ( my model frequency is depends on the speedcmd- Speed command ranges from0 to 450 Dec Val )

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