append cell array #2 to cell array #1 to get a final cell array of cells

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Claire on 18 Oct 2019
Commented: Claire on 21 Oct 2019
Having trouble combining two arrays. Thanks for any advice.
A-- cell array #1: 1x184 (first 3 cells and last cell shown below)
4657x2 double 85x2 double 39x2 double.......87x2 double (last cell)
B --- cell array #2: 1x2
155x2 double 155x2 double
C -- #3 to also be a cell array 1x186 (desired)
4657x2 double 85x2 double 39x2 double.......87x2 double 155x2 double 155x2 double
I have tried --
C = cat(2,A,B);
C= [A;B]
C = horzcat(A,B); --> sometimes works. If I clear workspace, it will work if I run the code twice. Otherwise, it is unpredictable when it works and I get the error "Dimensions of arrays being concatenated are not consistent." How can I get this to work every time?
Claire on 18 Oct 2019
Cell array "A" is a subset of cell array "D"
A = (D(~cellfun('isempty',D)));
Further, cell array "D" is a subset of cell array "E". E is the original cell array.

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Kaashyap Pappu
Kaashyap Pappu on 21 Oct 2019
The operations carried out by either:
C = [A B];
C = horzcat(A,B);
C = cat(2,A,B);
Should work for your requirement. There is a chance that “A” could have more than 1 row based on the cell arrays “E” and “D”, which could create problems for concatenation. This could happen if "E" or "D" have more than 1 row.
Hope this helps!
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Claire on 21 Oct 2019
Thank you for your comment. For some reason, A was alternating its dimensions after each iteration. For example, on iteration one A was 184x1. On iteration two, A was 1x184 (which is why the code always reliably worked on the second iteration).
I am unsure of why it was doing this, but I then put in a line to intentionally transpose both A and B to be vertical cell arrays and now I no longer have this error.
A = transpose (A);
B = transpose(B);
C = cat(1,A,B);

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