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indexing problem in parfor

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Rafael Schwarzenegger
Rafael Schwarzenegger on 11 Oct 2019
Even having code, which should run in parralel, Matlab writes: valid indeces for 'ndLog' are restricted in PARFOR loops.
Would anybody please know, what is the issue?
Thank you very much,
al = [30 40 50]; m = [40 50 60];
tn=10; cm=cumsum(m); S=sum(m); r=[0 1];
parfor a = 1:tn
for aa = 1:numel(al)
for k=1:numel(r)
for mm = 1:numel(m)
ind = -m(mm)+1+cm(mm) + (k-1)*S + (aa-1)*numel(r)*S +...
ndLog(ind,:) = [a mm aa k 1];
Shivam Prasad
Shivam Prasad on 17 Oct 2019
Edited: Shivam Prasad on 17 Oct 2019
Hi Rafael,
Please refer to this link regarding variables in parfor loops:-
Rafael Schwarzenegger
Rafael Schwarzenegger on 17 Oct 2019
Thank you for all the link. I was thinking, it was a type of a sliced variable. My index is pointing, which line of code are we going to fill with data. I have a multidimensional matri,x which I tranform into a 2D matrix. Then this index is the link between them. There is no repeared value, so therefore, I am a bit struggling, why Matlab doesn't want it. But thank you for your suggestions.

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