How to Count occurrences?

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Cre'Shawn Dabney
Cre'Shawn Dabney on 8 Oct 2019
Answered: Jan on 10 May 2021
Given a text: ‘tagtacagccagtagagttgattccaaggaagtccggctgttgtagagtagc’ and a three-character target pattern (for example: ‘TAG’ ), your program should identify all target patterns in the text and output the number of occurrences of the target pattern.
Sample output Text:tagtacagccagtagagttgattccaaggaagtccggctgttgtagagtagctag
Number of TAG:5
Number of tag:5
Number of cag:2
Target:exit Program terminated!
Priyadharshini A.R
Priyadharshini A.R on 10 May 2021
Hello Dabney,
The loop must go on till n-m+1 so that it can traverse till last element in text

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Answers (2)

Jan on 10 May 2021
t = 'tagtacagccagtagagttgattccaaggaagtccggctgttgtagagtagc';
tag = 'tag';
result = sum(strfind(lower(t), lower(tag)))

Alaster Meehan
Alaster Meehan on 8 Oct 2019
strcmpi ignors case
Cheers Alaster
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Cre'Shawn Dabney
Cre'Shawn Dabney on 8 Oct 2019
Thank you for your answer. I am still confused on how to write this code. Could you possibly demonstrate how? If not thank you so much for your participation!

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