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Square Matrix multiplication for n-number function handles

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Georgios Koutsakis
Georgios Koutsakis on 4 Oct 2019
Answered: SaiDileep Kola on 26 Mar 2021
The picture attached defines cleary the proposed problem.
TransferMatrixperLayer{1,1} = @(s,i) s+i;
TransferMatrixperLayer{1,2} = @(s,i) s+2*i;
TransferMatrixperLayer{2,1} = @(s,i) s+3*i;
TransferMatrixperLayer{2,2} = @(s,i) s+4*i;
The TransferMatrixperLayer is a cell array 2x2 function handle. The i defines the number of each individual TransferMatrixperLayer and s is the function argument. I would like to multiply any number of 2x2 matrices and result to an overall 2x2 matrix where is it going to be a function handle of s.
Long story short: How to do a matrix multiplication of a 2x2 function handle (as a function of s) matrix for i=1:N where for example N=3.
Tried to do it like the proposed method, but it doesn't work.
% This part of the code doesn't work.
TransferMatrix=@(s) TransferMatrixperLayer(s,1);
for i = 2:N
TransferMatrix=@(s) TransferMatrix(s) .* TransferMatrixperLayer(s,i);
The following is expected to be the final result.
A=@(s) TransferMatrix{1,1};
B=@(s) TransferMatrix{1,2};
C=@(s) TransferMatrix{2,1};
D=@(s) TransferMatrix{2,2};
George Koutsakis

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