Dead Zone Inverse Compensation

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Dongmiao Zheng
Dongmiao Zheng on 2 Oct 2019
Answered: Kajal Bansala on 10 Mar 2021
In order to compensate a dead zone in an actuator, dead zone inverse method can be used. May I know how do you implement the dead zone inverse model in Simulink?

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Kajal Bansala
Kajal Bansala on 10 Mar 2021
Hello Dongmiao,
There is no block that can perform the inverse dead-zone functionality as of now. However, 'finverse' function can be used to block to acheive this functionality.
Also the inputs and the outputs considering dead-zone could be logged for a particular actuator. These inputs and outputs can then be used as table data and breakpoints respectively in a 1-D lookup table to achieve the inverse mapping needed for dead-zone compensation.


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