Change the resonance frequency of a monopole.

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I want to design a monopole whose resonance frequency is 2477 MHz. I need the following dimensions:
  • Height = 10 cm.
  • Width = 0.00192 cm.
  • Ground plane = 10X10cm.
Initially, modifying this conditions, if I plot the S11 parameter the resonance frequency is approximately 2200 MHz.
I am trying to cancel the reactive component of the impedance, but I can't move the frequency until 2477 MHz. I have tried to design a specific capacitor with the same purpose, but I have obtained the same result.
Can anyone help me? Thank you.
clear all; clc; close all; format long;
%% Simulation parameters
freq = 2477e6;
freqRange = 1500e6:1e6:3500e6;
speedOfLight = physconst('lightspeed');
lambda = speedOfLight/freq;
%% Antenna parameters.
ant = monopole;
ant.Height = 0.1;
ant.Width = 0.00192;
ant.GroundPlaneLength = 0.1;
ant.GroundPlaneWidth = 0.1;
%% Impedance
Z0 = 50;
ZL = impedance(ant,freq);
ZL_norm = ZL/Z0;
RL = real(ZL);
XL = imag(ZL);
%Initial S11 parameter
figure('Name','Initial S11 parameter');
S = sparameters(ant,freqRange);
%% Reactive part cancellation.
RL_load = RL;
XL_load = 0;
load = lumpedElement('Impedance', complex(RL_load, XL_load), 'Location', [0 0 0]);
ant.Load = load;
figure('Name', 'S11 parameter after reactive part cancellation')
S = sparameters(ant,freqRange);

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Shashwat Bajpai
Shashwat Bajpai on 4 Oct 2019
To design an antenna at a particular frequency I would suggest using the design function. It auto populates the values of the dimensions of the antenna.
The link to documentation of design is provided below:

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