How do I control industrial stepper motor driver using matlab

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Paul Bayron
Paul Bayron on 24 Sep 2019
Answered: Kajal Bansala on 10 Mar 2021
I'm trying to control a microstep driver ST-7128 that has enable, pulse, and direction inputs that will be from an Arduino Uno using Matlab. Can anyone give me an example code or any reference on how to code it as I cannot find anything online. Most examples that I've seen use a small driver like ULN2003.

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Kajal Bansala
Kajal Bansala on 10 Mar 2021
Although there may not be any built-in driver blocks to control a stepper motor, there is a File Exchange submission which may be useful:
This has blocks to control stepper direction and stepper speed. A limitation is that these blocks are compatible only with Adafruit Motor Shield V2, you can find the link to Adafruit Motor Shield here:
The File Exchange submission contains a PDF document as well as a video, which explains how exactly these blocks can be used. It also has an example model that explains the workflow and the required connections.

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