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How do I pass data of pointer to output without factory.createArray() in mex c++?

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I want to use c++ based program processing large data by pointer on matlab workspace.
So I've made mex c++ function like
TypedArray<std::complex<double>> complexArray = std::move(inputs[0]);
//get pointer of input
std::complex<double> *temp = complexArray.release().release();
//some processing using *temp
//under 0.7sec
//processing end
//almost 7 sec
outputs[0] = factory.createArray<std::complex<double>>({dimensionX,dimensionY}, temp, temp+dimensionX*dimensionY);
but this way is too slow where factory.createArray()
processing time is almost under 0.7sec, but elapsed time of of createArray is 7sec
I also have used factory.createBuffer() and factory.createArrayFromBuffer(). This way is much faster than createArray, but slower than processing yet.
I want to make output from pointer without the overhead of creating Array

Answers (1)

Kritika Bansal
Kritika Bansal on 10 Jan 2020
You can use the function mxCreateDoubleMatrix to create a 2D matrix. One of the parameters is ComplexFlag which needs to be set to true if you need a complex double array.
For more information, you can refer the documentation here:
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Denis Riedijk
Denis Riedijk on 4 Mar 2021
mxCreateDoubleMatrix is the C API, not the C++ API, so I am afraid this will not help. (trying to solve an issue I am having I came across this question and answer)

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