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I am not getting the correct answer when using datetime function

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Hi everyone,
I am using the following function
but instead of getting '31/12/2017' as an answer (as given from Excel), I am getting 01-Aug-3592. Apparently, I am missing something in the datetime function but don't know what it is.
Thanks in advance for your time.

Accepted Answer

dpb on 17 Sep 2019
>> datetime(43100,'ConvertFrom','excel')
ans =
31-Dec-2017 00:00:00
You tried converting from (yr,mo,day) --> (1, 43100, 1) instead.
gsourop on 17 Sep 2019
Thank you very much for the answer! How can I ignore the time part. I want to end up just with '31-Dec-2017' instead of '31-Dec-2017 00:00:00' .
Guillaume on 17 Sep 2019
The time part is always part of a datetime (hence the time in the name). You can avoid displaying it by changing the Format property:
>> datetime(43100,'ConvertFrom','excel', 'Format', 'dd-MM-yyyy')
ans =
>> datetime(43100,'ConvertFrom','excel', 'Format', 'eee dd MMM yyyy')
ans =
Sun 31 Dec 2017
but note that the time part will still be taken into account for calculations (like date difference) whether or not it is displayed. Excel does the same.

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Ted Shultz
Ted Shultz on 17 Sep 2019
Edited: Ted Shultz on 17 Sep 2019
You are using
t = datetime(Y,M,D)
Year = 1
month = 43100
day = 1
That is not what you intend I assume.
I think you want:
t = datetime(43100,'ConvertFrom','excel')


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