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How do I get the cut attributes out of a classification tree

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When I look at the CategoricalSplit property of a classification tree it has integer values (maybe indices?). I want the attributes or a list where the attributes and these integer indices are associated.
Example: When I print the decision tree in text form (see attached bmp file)
If I look at the CutPredictor property I can get x4 and x7 which is part of what I want. But how do I get the cut sets of {A B C} and {F D E}?
I cannot find these anywhere in the properties. They have to be there or the view function wouldn't work.

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Kritika Bansal
Kritika Bansal on 13 Jan 2020
You can use the view function to view the classification or regression tree.
view(tree, 'Mode', 'graph');
To see examples, you can go through the links below:




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