Noise Power for the Band limited white Noise Block

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Hey everyone.
I´m useing a band limited white noise block in my system, but I didn´t get a clue about how to interpret the Noise Power parameter.
I have done already a research about the theory behind it, but there a still some open points.
-) What is the Unit of the Noise Power ?
-) How can it be interpreted?
I appreciate your HELP

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Ajay Pattassery
Ajay Pattassery on 28 Aug 2019
The Noise Power Parameter Specify the height or the y-axis of the PSD (Power spectral density) of the white noise. Hence the unit is mag^2/(Hz).
The PSD shows the power content of the white noise signal versus the frequency. This SIMULINK block can be used with systems having sampling time much lesser than the fastest dynamics of the system.
For details, refer the doc.

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