How can I limit the size of the output signal from deconvolution using deconvwnr?

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I want to deconvolve a signal with a point spread function to retrieve a "ground truth" signal. I know that the ground truth is roughly Gaussian and should be 7x7 pixels.
This works when I do deconvolution without noise. However, when I add noise I get this weird periodic semi-gaussian signal that is the same length as the point spread function (47 pixels).
Is it possible to restrict the size of the output to be a 7x7 image?
Here is the code. The variables are attached:
Nikhil Sonavane
Nikhil Sonavane on 27 Jan 2020
Please refer to the documenation for more details. The size of output of deconwnr function cannot be be lesser than the input. If you have any other specific doubt and need further clarification you may comment it here.

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