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How to find signals, which are defined in matlab-workspace, but not used in the SimulinkModel?

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My Problem is, that I have defined a lot of signals in my *.m files and while working on my model I stoped using them.
Now I have to do something like a "Clean up" and have to find the unused Signals what are in the WS but not used in the Model.
Does anyone have a fast solution for that?
Does there maby already exist some model check or report for that?
Best Regards


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Accepted Answer

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 19 Aug 2019
Right click on your model, select "Find Reference Variables". Highlight all referenced variables, right click, select "Export Selected"

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Lukas Pircher
Lukas Pircher on 19 Aug 2019
Hello Fangjun Jiang,
thank you for your quick answer.
It helped me a lot, I did not know that this searching function exists.
I had just to put the dropdown for the Search to "unused Values"
and got all i needed.
Have a good Day

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