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Storing the inputs of a function on a structure (or cell or array)

Asked by James Otterson on 15 Aug 2019
Latest activity Edited by madhan ravi
on 15 Aug 2019
given a function such as:
function [z,w] = tempFun(x,y)
z = x+1;
w = y+1;
is it possible to store a given pair x,y as a structure (struct('x',1,'y',2), say, or as a cell or anything else...) and then unpack it and apply the function to the output?
(In python this could be done as: temFun( **{'x':1, 'y':2})


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1 Answer

Answer by madhan ravi
on 15 Aug 2019
 Accepted Answer

[z,w] = tempFun(d)
function [z,w] = tempFun(s)
z = s.x+1;
w = s.y+1;


That's exactly it, thanks a lot!
(the only slight upper hand the python code above has over this is that it will map the variables to their righ places, ie. you won't need to store then in the right order:
tempFun( **{'x':1,'y':10}) == tempFun(**('y':10,'x':1})
Well, I'm a beginner in python (didn't get to this point still) , but this topic would be interesting to be debate about. But then do not underestimate the power of MATLAB ;-)

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