The Matlab OPC UA Client does not connect to the OPC UA Server (OPC CoDeSys V3)

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Aschmann on 13 Aug 2019
Answered: Kajal Bansala on 9 Mar 2021
Why the client doesn't connect to the server.? I thought I did everything according to the instructions in the help. Who has an idea?
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Jonas Hillenbrand
Jonas Hillenbrand on 11 Mar 2020
Same problem here:
I'm running a raspberry Pi with Codesys Image and the OPC UA Server on the Pi is correctly configured and can be reached and browsed with UA Expert.
But the OPC UA Client from MATLAB fails to connect to server!
Any help would be appreciated...

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Answers (2)

Srinivasarao Kamala
Srinivasarao Kamala on 1 Mar 2021
Try to make your connection "Trust" in OPC UA aerver. Then it will work.

Kajal Bansala
Kajal Bansala on 9 Mar 2021
As per the specification, “OPC UA Part 4 – Services Specification”, provided by the OPC Foundation, the clientCertificate parameter (within the CreateSession Service Request) can, indeed, be empty if the SecurityPolicyURI is NONE. See extract below:
Figure 1 Extract from Table 11, Page 27 of OPC UA Part4 - Services specification
Due to the lack of security within the MATLAB OPC Toolbox, the SecurityPolicyURI is NONE and therefore the current codebase is correct in passing an empty(NULL) clientCertificate parameter during the CreateSession service request.
The issue therefore lies with the CoDeSys server.
The server must take the SecurityPolicyURI into consideration when evaluating the validity of the clientCertificate parameter passed during the CreateSession service request.
MathWorks has fixed the bug causing MATLAB to crash due to this issue.





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