Can't set capacitor initial voltage of cap because of powergui error

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Hi, when I click on the powergui block, and I press intitial states, I get this error:
"Error evaluating 'MaskDialog' callback of PSB option menu block block (mask) 'randomModel/powergui'. Callback string is 'close_system(gcb) power_initstates(bdroot(gcb),gcb)'
Dot indexing is not supportd for variables of this type."
How do I fix this?

Answers (2)

Shashwat Bajpai
Shashwat Bajpai on 10 Dec 2019
There is a similar question for this error on the following link:
I would suggest following the steps mentioned in the answer. If the problem still persists please share the model so that we can have a detailed understanding of the problem.
Hope this helps!

Charanraj on 17 Dec 2019
Hi Shashwat,
Thanks for your comment. I have tried the steps in the shared link. But it did not work. So, I have attached my model and also the screenshot of the model as picture for consideration. As you can see, the circuit is a simple integrator (with no reset switch) that has an input resistor and an output resistor. I just apply 2.7 - 2.4 = 0.3 read pulse via the input resistor and I bias the positive terminal of the opamp with 2.4 V. I am using variable step - discrete (no continous state) in the setting of the simulation with max step size as 1e-6 s. I use backward euler and step time of 1e-6 s for the solver. I can run simulations smoothly as desired (both in accelerator and normal modes). But I want to set initial capacitor voltage to zero and also other feasible parameters later. Unfortunately, the initial states tool option in power gui shows error as mentioned in the screenshot.
Can I know if there's is some wrong setting I keep in my model and reason for the error. Thanks in advance.Capture.JPG

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