How to Apply Numbering to Heading Titles in Word through actxserver

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I am creating a MS word document through actxserver, i have created so Heading in the word using the following code.
word = actxserver('Word.Application'); % Start Word
document = word.Documents.Add; % Create new Document
selection = word.Selection; % Set Cursor
selection.Style = word.ActiveDocument.Styles.Item('Heading 1');
selection.Font.Bold = 1;
selection.Font.Size = 16;
selection.TypeText('Heading 1');
selection.Style = word.ActiveDocument.Styles.Item('Heading 2');
selection.Font.Bold = 1;
selection.Font.Size = 14;
In the word documetn it will appear as -
Heading 1
Heading 2
Now i want to add numbering to the Heading in the Word Document through List Format -
But i unable to acheive the desired format as -
1. Heading 1
1.1 Heading 2
when i look up the excel sheet objects -
where as in the MATLAB prompt -
So i want to achieve the following List Format -
  1. ListLevelNumber controlled through MATLAB code
  2. ListString controlled through MATLAB code
I have tried many ways using the -
Is there any way to get this Headings along with number MATLAB code.
Guillaume on 13 Aug 2019
There are two parts to your question:
1) Knowing which Word functions/properties to use to do what you want. This is a question better asked on an Office/Word forum. I don't kniow the Word API well enough to help you there.
2) Coding that into matlab, we can certainly help there once you've got step 1 answered.
If you have VBA (or other language) code that does what you need, then we can translate that.

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