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Is there a way to suppress Simulink from being brought to front of screen?

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HaMo on 9 Aug 2019
Commented: HaMo on 9 Aug 2019
While I have Simulink models running in the background I would like to work in other programs on the same computer (e.g. Word, web browser or whatever there is to do). The problem is Simulink keep being placed in the front of all other applications, and also to be active for keyboard input etc.
I am running tests with a scripted wrapper that calls the Simulink models, but everytime a new test starts the Simulink model is brought to top and all keyboard input is directed to the Matlab application, not whatever program I happened to be typing in.
The models are loaded with load_system(...), and run with the sim(...) command.
Running Matlab in headless mode might help me. Then I will however not be able to go back and check plots etc when all tests are run. But is this the least bad solutiion? Or is there a way to programatically set a Simulink model to run only in the background?
Edit: Used open_system, not load_system. Using load_system, problem solved


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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 9 Aug 2019
If you used laod_system(), then the Simulink model is not supposed to be visible. open_system() will load it and make it visible. At the end of your simulation, you can run open_system() again to view it. Run the below commands line by line to see the effect.

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