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Circle least squares fit for 3D data

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Hi everyone,
I have 6000 x coordinates, y coordinates and z cooridinates that form a circle that does not perfectly occupy one plane. I am looking to fit the data with a circle but I can only find functions online that do it for x and y coordinates and not including z. I would appreciate any help in creating some code for this as I am not sure where to start (I am a beginner in MATLAB!)
Thank you in advance
Ciara Gibbs
Ciara Gibbs on 7 Aug 2019
@Bruno Luong , please find the data attached in the order of x, y ,x . Thanks again
Ciara Gibbs
Ciara Gibbs on 7 Aug 2019
@Torsten, thank you for the links I will give them a read!

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Accepted Answer

Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong on 7 Aug 2019
Edited: Bruno Luong on 7 Aug 2019
XC = mean(X,1);
Q = V(:,[1 2]); % basis of the plane
% Fit ellipse through (xc,yc)
P = M\ones(size(xc));
P = P/a;
r=sqrt(P(2)^2+P(3)^2+1/a); % radius
xyzc = XC' + Q*P(2:3); % center
theta = linspace(0,2*pi);
c = xyzc + r*Q*[cos(theta); sin(theta)]; % fit circle
close all
hold on
plot3(c(1,:),c(2,:),c(3,:),'r','LineWidth', 2);
axis equal
Ciara Gibbs
Ciara Gibbs on 7 Aug 2019
Amazing! Thank you very much it is greatly appreciated and you have saved me a lot of time!
Martin Fuchs
Martin Fuchs on 24 Sep 2020
This script is just brilliant!

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