hey guys im trying to plot this in 3D but i keep getting an error, "Data cannot have more than 2 dimensions."

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here is my code;
% 1) Compute the volume of a cylindrical shell with an inner radius
% r1=5,
% an outer radius
% r2=6, and length=10.
r1 = 5; %inner radius
r2 = 6; %outer radius
h = 10; %height
dr = 0.01;
dz = 0.1;
dphi = 0.01;
% set vector of iteration
r = [r1:dr:r2];
z = [0:dz:h];
phi = [0:dphi:2*pi];
noi_r = length(r);
noi_phi = length(phi);
noi_z = length(z);
x = zeros(noi_r,noi_phi,noi_z);
y = zeros(noi_r,noi_phi,noi_z);
z = zeros(noi_r,noi_phi,noi_z);
hold on
%initial volume
Volume =0;
for ir = 1:noi_r
for iphi = 1:noi_phi
for iz = 1:noi_z
dv = r(ir)*dphi*dz*dr;
Volume = Volume +dv;
x(ir,iphi,iz) = r(ir)*cos(phi(iphi));
y(ir,iphi,iz) = r(ir)*sin(phi(iphi));
z(ir,iphi,iz) = z(iz);
hold off
disp('volume is = ')

Accepted Answer

David K.
David K. on 7 Aug 2019
So the issue is that plot3 takes either a vector or a 2d matrix. Since you are plotting it as points you do not actually need to make your x,y, and z 3 dimensional. If you wanted you could have them as one long vector. So, to fix your issue you can do a few things. First, change your plot3 to
However, plotting this many times in a loop is extremely slow. Instead, after the loop you can do this
However, right now, your code will create a cylindrical shell at z = 0 and not have any height to it. This is because you are overwriting your z vector with zeros. I would suggest changing those names so you can have it be the proper height.

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boutros baqain
boutros baqain on 7 Aug 2019
Thank you so much David k. I will try what you’ve suggested. Thank you!


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