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System Design Description Report in 2018b

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I am using version 2018b. I would like to report my simulink model (like I can do in scripts using Publish tab). After a search I found out that it is possible in simulink, as well. However, the explanation and the webinar which mathworks released are for older versions for MATLAB. I cannot see File > Reports > System Design Description in version 2018b. Does anyone know how to create simulink reports practically without writing a script for it (preferably not to use Report API manually) in R2018b? Thanks.


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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 6 Aug 2019
File > Reports > System Design Description is right at the menu of a Simulink model in MATLAB R2018b. Make sure you have the Simulink Report Generator Toolbox.

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Gizem Ates
Gizem Ates on 9 Aug 2019
Thank you, I missed checking Simulink Report Generator Toolbox during installation appearantly.

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