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can someone explain the error in this input for loop

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Q0 = [];
for i=1:2
p = input(sprintf('Enter value for p(distance) [%d model]:',i));
v = input(sprintf('Enter value for v(velocity) [%d model]',i));
a = input(sprintf('Enter value for a(acceleration) [%d model]',i));
j = input(sprintf('Enter value for j(jerk)[%d model]',i));
Q0 = [Q0 ; p ; v ; a ; j ];
Enter value for p(distance) [1 model]:1
Enter value for v(velocity) [1 model]2
Enter value for a(acceleration) [1 model]3
Enter value for j(jerk)[1 model]4
Undefined function or variable 'Q0'.
I dont understand why its prompting me undefined variable.
Travis Heckler
Travis Heckler on 4 Aug 2019
Okay so I literally made no changes and it worked after a few desperate attempts to run it, I officially dont understand MATLAB

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Ajay Pattassery
Ajay Pattassery on 7 Aug 2019
If you can see the issue again, revert with the error message and the code you have used. Also correct the usage of fprintf command in the above code. You need to specify the format of the output field. For example, if you are expecting integers use.




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