How to create an animated plot of a temperature data with holding on each year?

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Hi dear community,
I want to create an animated plot of a temperature data. I have 122 files of measured temperatures and I want to plot them like below animation with holding previous plot on a same figure.
Do you have any ideas?

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David K.
David K. on 30 Jul 2019
Alright lets see how much I can help with.
First off to gradient between colors I have a little way down below. I get the rgb values of the colors I want to fade between and create a linspace between them. The example I gave fades from green to red.
Xticklabels can let you show the months instead of numbers.
text allows you to place the year on the plot.
p1.Color(4) = .5 decreases the opacity of the old plots.
numF = 122;
Colors = [linspace(0,1,length(numF))', flipud(linspace(0,1,length(numF))'),zeros(length(numF),1)];
figure; hold on;
for n = 1:122
p1 = plot(xData(n,:),yData(n,:),'Color',Colors(n,:));
%p1.Color(4) = 1; % may need this, not certain
xlabel(''); ylabel(''); title('');
xticklabels({'Jan' 'Feb' 'Mar'})
t1 = text(7,0,num2str(YEAR)); % Change the first two values to place on the plot where you want it
pause(.1) % variable pause for however long you want to show the plot
delete(t1); % Remove the old label
p1.Color(4) = .5; % Decrease Opacity of previous plots
Sadly I do not know how to make the gradient on the right side but I hope this can get you on your way!
David K.
David K. on 26 Aug 2019
Ah, from what I had looked up and tested (R2018b) it did work when I was creating it. Shame that it did not work for your build. I can't seem to find a different way to change opacity.

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