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Log Simulink simulation data to structure element

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I am looking for solutions to write simulation data to an existing structure.
I have the following structure:
And the following system (yet just with constant values):
So my goal is to save the steering angles (on the right) to "CT.Front_Wheel.Angle" but when i write this in the "To Workspace" box, it gives me the following error:
I tried with log and bus output, but it gives me a new dataset, and using the same name does not help.
Thanks for your help in addition.
Gergely Hunyady

Accepted Answer

David K.
David K. on 26 Jul 2019
The way that I would do it is this. In your main simulink model, right click anywhere go to ModelProperties -> Callbacks -> StopFnc and you get a blank area you can code into. What this area does is it runs the code there every time the model finishes. So you are putting the data into the struct as if you typed these commands after each run, but this does it automatically.
Then put in there the code
CT.Front_Wheel.Angle = toWorkspaceVariableName;
And repeat that for however many variables you want to put in the struct.

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