why am i getting only the last iteration value?

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i am trying to get how many times each iterations have repeated, which I have got using repmat. But at the end 'FRAM_FINAL' returns only the value of last iterations.
for FR=1:numimgs
%To read in all images in TIFF-file
output_image2=imread('C:\Users\user\Desktop\Photometrics_2x bin_video2.tif',FR);
ii=output_image3 - meanImage
I2 = mat2gray(ii);
qq=fibermetric(I2, 38,'ObjectPolarity','Bright');
[centreDark1, radiiDark1]=imfindcircles(qq, [Rmin Rmax],'Sensitivity',0.87,'ObjectPolarity','bright');
centreDark = [centreDark;centreDark1];
radiiDark = [ radiiDark;radiiDark1];
Right now the final answer i am getting for the range FR=1:numimgs where numimgs=120
obtained result 120 expected answer: 1
120 1
120 2
120 2
120 so on
120 120
so on 120

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Samatha Aleti
Samatha Aleti on 29 Jul 2019
In the given code, FRAM_FINAL value is updated at every iteration. To make the vector “FRAM_FINAL” hold the results of each iteration, I would suggest concatenating the “FRAM_FINAL” at each iteration with its respective result using cat function.
For more information on concatenation, refer the following link
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Stephen23 on 29 Jul 2019
Note that for efficiency the MATLAB documentation recommends preallocating the output array before the loop, and using indexing into the array within the loop:

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