Neural Network Classification Results

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Ejay Nsugbe
Ejay Nsugbe on 24 Jul 2019
Answered: Greg Heath on 25 Jul 2019
Hi Guys,
Im training a NN using the matlab toolbox and I have selected the data partitioning to random data division.(i.e 70:15:15,Train:Val:Test).
When I look at the confusion matrix at the end of the process(attached), I notice its used more data for the classification process for one class compared to the other.
Can anyone advise why this could be happening?

Answers (2)

awezmm on 25 Jul 2019
Are you doing semantic segmentation or image classification?
The confusion matrix helps indicate differences in classifications between true positives, true negatives, false positives, false negatives. It does NOT indicate how much total data was used in training. Rather, it can show how well classification of specific classes is performing.
The details on the large plot in this page gives a better explanation:

Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 25 Jul 2019
The original class sizes are unequal.
Hope this helps

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